Tax Services

Helpful Hints for Tax Customers

The Professionals at Oliver & Associates, offer a complete and thorough tax department. We provide a high level of competent tax services for individuals, families, unincorporated businesses and corporations. The following are brief descriptions of the several services we provide.

Tax Return Preparation and Compliance Functions

We stand ready to assist you with effective and comprehensive tax planning and strategies for minimizing your tax obligations. Our professionals at Oliver & Associates, stay abreast of the newest tax laws and prepare tax returns that are legally correct but attempt to minimize your tax liabilities.

Representation Before the Internal Revenue Service and Other Agencies

Although our tax planning and preparation is designed to forestall disputes with the Internal Revenue Service and other authorities, we will provide representation should it become necessary during audits, appeals, or other required proceedings.

Corporate Tax Planning and Other Services

Since taxes can be a major corporation expense, our corporate tax services involve the development of strategies designed to reduce the corporate tax burden.

Personal Tax and Estate Planning

Personal tax and estate planning is designed to increase your wealth, minimize your income taxes, increase your cash flow, prepare for business continuity, ensure a secure retirement and add to your peace of mind. We, therefore focus on the following areas to develop comprehensive financial plans.

  • Income Tax Planning
  • Investment Analysis
  • Insurance Analysis
  • Educational Planning and Funding
  • Business Planning
  • Estate Planning
We, at Oliver & Associates, have the necessary knowledge and experience to steer you through the increasingly complex maze of Federal and local tax systems. As seasoned professionals, we can examine your goals and objectives and assist in minimizing your overall tax burden. We recommend tax strategies appropriate for your circumstances.