Educational Seminar

Day 1 Topics

  • The responsibilities and duties of the supervisory committee
  • Supervisory committee audit function
  • Overview of supervisory committee manual
  • Overview of minimum requirements of supervisory annual audit
  • Overview of NCUA rules and regulations section 715
  • Evaluation of and needs assessment for the internal audit function
Day 2 Topics

What do I look for when reviewing CAMEL RATIOS?

  • What do the ratios mean

  • Where do the numbers come from

  • What effects the ratios
What to look for when reading financial statements
  • Adequate loan loss funding

  • Interest margins

  • Contingent liabilities

Who Will Benefit?

This seminar is ideal for new supervisory committee members and seasoned members of the committee. This seminar will also be helpful for Board of Directors to gain a better understanding of the supervisory committee’s role in the credit union and credit union’s audit function.