Opinion Audits

Seasoned CPA’s will be involved on a day-to-day basis during our audits. Our strong background in credit union industry will prove beneficial to your organization.

We take pride in our ability to perform efficient, well-organized audits. Planning the audit is critical to the timely delivery of your financial statements. We will implement the most cost effective and efficient audit procedures which allows us to examine your procedures and attests to the accuracy of your financial statements. We will coordinate the audit planning with you to obtain approval of our approach prior to the start of our fieldwork.

It is our practice to utilize the assistance of your staff to the greatest extent possible to reduce the cost of your audit. The extent of the assistance we will need from your staff will be planned with you to ensure a minimum of disruption to the daily operations of your accounting department.

We are committed to working with credit unions and currently serve others that provide services similar to your organization. We consider these clients an integral segment of our firm.

Our experience has been that an efficient and cost effective audit results when our staff and your staff work together and have a shared responsibility for conducting the audit. We will work with you to keep our fee as low as possible by identifying areas for which your staff can provide schedules and audit assistance. This assistance will be discussed in detail and clarified during the planning process.