Educational Seminars

Below are examples of educational seminars we have had in the past. Contact Us if you would like to arrange a seminar for your organization.

Fundamentals of Financial Statement Analysis

Palm Springs, CA, October 27-29 2003

Honolulu, HI Waikoloa Beach Marriott January 11-13, 2004

Las Vegas, New York New York Hotel and Casino March 1-3, 2004

Effective Supervisory Committees for Directors and Supervisory Committee Members

Sutton, WV, December 6 2002

Columbus, OH, December 3, 2002

Pittsburgh, PA, December 5, 2002

Jacksonville, FL, February 21, 2003

Charleston, WV June 6-7 2003

Morgantown, WV June 13-14 2003

Washington D.C. July 11-12

Cleveland, OH July 18-19 2003

Chicago, IL July 25-26

Comments from attendees

Hi Mike,

Thanks for coming to Fairfield and presenting the "Effective Supervisory Committees" seminar December 9. 2002. It was very informative.

From Supervisory Committee Chairman in Cincinnati, OH